My Dog Was Shivering… Sometimes Uncontrollably. Why?

My precious Nugget was diagnosed with kidney problems. For several years, he was vomiting once every so many months, then all of a sudden his vomiting became nightly. After a few days of trying different things (including changing his diet), I took him to his doctor and had his blood tested.

Nugget has been on medication and a nutrient that has nearly stopped his vomiting, and improved his overall mood to that of being a “puppy” once again.

Lately though, his vomiting started to happen… 3 times in one day. Needless to say, this time I telephoned his Vet’s office the next day.

I was instructed to purchase children’s gravol and give Nugget one teaspoon daily to lessen the nausea he was suffering. Nausea is apparently quit common among humans and animals with kidney problems (one of 10 different symptoms posted here:

After several days of constantly vomiting, my precious decided he wanted his hair cut off. He had no patience left to tolerate daily comb-outs nor his cute little top-knot anymore. So, I telephoned his personal groomer (he prefers only ONE professional groomer to cut his hair, Selena Power). Thank God it’s warmer weather right now, though we’ve had a few days of cooler temps… which is why he’s pictured here with a sweater on. It was a tad too cool for him to handle on those days.

Nugget started shivering, sometimes uncontrollably just prior to getting his hair cut… but more noticeably afterward. Being worried that he might be suffering from pain, I did an Internet search to see what MIGHT be causing him to shiver… and no, he was NOT cold at the times he was shivering.

The search results I received for dog shaking, dog shaking trembling, dog shaking uncontrollably, dog shakes uncontrollably, dog shakes when sleeping (which he did sometimes too), and dog shivering not cold… well, I have to say I was sadly disappointed in what I read on the many different web pages and postings. One of the web pages was supposed to have been a response from a Vet, though I rather doubt it was a REAL Veterinarian who posted THAT particular response.

No matter… later that same day, after Nugget’s Vet’s office was open, I telephoned them and asked why Nugget might be shivering so much lately… and I added that he is NOT cold.

Well daaaah! The answer I received was just what I might have expected.

“Shivering can be a sign that the dog MAY be suffering from pain, but in Nugget’s case it is likely that during the times he feels most nauseated is when he shivers.”

Bingo! Yup, now that’s an answer that makes sense.

Anyway… I feed my Nugget three small servings of dog food (low protein) a day. In between his afternoon meal, and his meal just before bedtime, I give him a few teaspoons of sweet potato that offers him a healthy treat… and… helps stabilize his tummy so he’ll be less apt to be nauseated… and thus shiver.

I SHOULD have guessed what I learned today… because after EACH time I fed or treated Nugget, his shivering subsides and then stops all together.

Am offering this info here in case YOU need the proper info like I did today! If this helped you, please make sure to leave your comment below.

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16 Responses to My Dog Was Shivering… Sometimes Uncontrollably. Why?
  1. Avani M Reply

    hi there.. We,ve adopted a stray dog,age roughly 1-2 yrs who is suffering from shivering/tremors of hind legs which is continous 24hrs and since last 2 days has stopped walking around. also another stray of ours died the same way few days back and our vet cant diagnose the condition. Is it something infectious?She doesnt eat much lately only sips some water. Can anyone plz help.( note:- the dog was perfectly healthy before this started)

    • Trish Reply

      Sorry to hear you've lost a precious friend Avani. Did your dogs receive any vaccinations that might have caused this?

      Ask to have your dog undergo an ultrasound to see if there's any internal organs with growths. My Nugget was on Revolution and I blame this for his suffering greatly for several years. Here's my post discussing the use of Revolution:

      When you suffer the death of a pet, you can always insist on a full autopsy be done by Guelph University. If ANY of my pets die mysteriously, I ALWAYS insist on a full autopsy. The results may ease your thinking that you did something wrong, AND, possibly prevent another pet suffering same, later.

  2. Steve Stefen Reply

    Oh wow, never even gave this consideration. My pooch is going to see the vet for sure. THanks!

  3. Linn Ladieli Reply

    Hope your Nugget is better. Thanks for sharing this. Now at least I have an idea why my little poodle is shivering. It’s off to the vet for us. Thanks again!!!

  4. Lype Ladieli Reply

    Good info… thanks!

  5. Gary Many Reply

    Hello! I just would like to give a huge thumbs up for the great info you have here on this post. I will be coming back to your blog for more soon.

  6. Sam Reply

    Some truly fantastic info here, thank you for contribution. Very helping!

  7. Ken Devitto Reply

    I really appreciate your content. Am going to bookmark your site and keep checking for new information.

  8. Sue LypeLadieli Reply

    Wow, this info was VERY helpful to me Trish. Thanks for sharing. Will make sure to get my dog into see his vet.

  9. Jason Ernsten Reply

    Turned out that my dog was shivering from a tooth ache. Thank God my buddy wasn’t seriously ill as Nugget. Hope he’s improved since this posting.

  10. Jack Reply

    Great blog. I just wanted to say thank you for your efforts!

  11. Eustolia Richel Reply

    I’m really impressed with your writing skills as well as with the layout on your weblog. Is this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself? Either way keep up the nice quality writing, it’s rare to see a great website like this one nowadays.. Bless you, Eustolia Richel

    • Trish Reply

      Thanks for the compliments Eustolia!

  12. Gail Reply

    I have a shih tzu who is one years old by the name of Manchester. We call him Man-C for short. My dog has been shivering uncontrollably every since he came from the groomer yesterday. I hadn't notice this shivering prior. This is new. He seems to be in pain rectally. He scoots, or chases his tail a little. Which I don't understand, because they claim to have expressed his glands. But why the sudden shivering. His appetite and stools are normal, but you can look in his eyes and see somethings wrong. He will play for a second then it seems as if he gets a quick reminder that he's uncomfortable, and he runs to his bed or sits in a hurry.

    Has anyone experienced this before? Can anyone tell me what might be going on with my baby?

    • Trish Reply

      Please do take Manchester to his Vet, Gail. I wouldn't try to diagnose Nugget’s problems for too long a time before taking him in to his doctor; wouldn’t want to take the chance of losing him.


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